Simple and convenient tools for investors depending on the amount of deposit


1. PAMM-Accounts

Investing in PAMM accounts is a simple and convenient tool for quickly connecting to a trader's current account. It is suitable for generating stable passive income.

A detailed model of PAMM accounts and all information about the product is presented at the following link:

Please note that all PAMM accounts are controlled by Equite. The distribution of profits and the possibility of withdrawing funds are carried out by the platform.

How to invest in a PAMM-account:

- You deposit funds in the internal wallet (USDT);

- Then you leave a request to replenish the selected account;

- During the day, your funds are credited (auto mode, approx. 2 hours) to the account. The trader has the account's trading keys the trader does not have direct access to funds;

- During the rollover period (7 or 30 days), you are paid off profit - also to the internal wallet in the system. Or you can leave it in reinvestment mode;

- Funds from the account can also be withdrawn to rollover by leaving a request a day before.

You can also learn more about PAMM accounts in the articles on our blog:



2. Trust management

The product allows you to transfer your account to the selected trader for trust management only about the execution of trade transactions.

As part of Trust Management (TM), you transfer API keys from your account to the selected trader to enable transactions on the exchange. The main advantage is that the trader manages the account without the ability to withdraw funds from it. This method is suitable for managing large accounts.

Possible yield: 10% -30% per month depending on the risk of the strategy.

It is a safe way of cooperation since the funds remain under the complete control of the investor. The trader will have limited access to the account - only for trading. The Equite platform will process the account data for monitoring. Cooperation within the framework of remote control is possible only for accounts of $ 10,000.

You can choose a trader from the list:

or get a list of traders who work with the Equite platform.

For more information contact the investment manager via the chat in the lower right corner of the page.

Commissions within the framework of cooperation:

- management fee: none

- success fee: 30-50% of profit for the period (depends on the chosen trader)

As part of the TM service, a deposit of 10% of the investment amount is charged to settle commissions with the trader.


The Equite platform and its team are not responsible for the trader's activities and possible losses that may be incurred due to sharp fluctuations in digital assets, problems with connection with exchanges, regulatory issues for participants in the crypto currency market etc.. Also, the platform and its team are not responsible for the possible behavior of the investor concerning interrupting cooperation with the trader and the platform, stopping the payment of commissions and other actions.

3. Copytrading

In October, Equite added a copytrading function, so now it is convenient for investors to make money by copying transactions of successful traders. The function is available for Binance Futures investors with a balance of $1000 and more and traders with a PRO status.

  • Traders can connect the function using "Portfolio” and “Activate copy trading".
  • Investors can connect their traders using "API-keys" or the controls on the service.

To activate copytrading, please create a page in the portfolio tab, select a name and enter the API. On the created page, click the menu (three dots) and activate the copytrading mode. Choose your commission, max drawdown, investor entry threshold, and leverage to trade. Here is a video instruction for connecting.

Every day we charge 0.05% of the funds under your control, regardless of the results of the trade. $15 per month comes out from every thousand dollars.

For an investor, copytrading is a great way to make good money by entrusting the management of funds to a profitable trader. We also love to see how our money grows, which is why we have launched the copytrading function for you.

Copytrading can only be connected to one trader.