А PAMM-account is a unique tool that allows a trader to connect a large number of owners of funds to manage


Equite platform provides professional traders with a unique opportunity to open an account, which will allow aggregating funds of investors starting from $ 100.

Why is it profitable for a trader

• Saving time searching and attracting clients;

• No need to reconfigure your equipment for a number of accounts on different platforms;

• Distribution of profits, as well as withdrawal of trader's fees, occurs automatically.

How to open a PAMM account

• You need to replenish your wallet in your Personal in the amount of $ 1000 (the minimum amount for a PAMM account opening)

• Click on the button "Create a PAMM account":

  • After you can set the terms of the offer:

Please pay attention to the following points:

• The balance of your wallet on Equite must $ 1000 or more to replenish the PAMM. This amount is not a commission and acts as the initial balance for the account;

• You need to create a unique name for the PAMM account;

• Next, you will choose a payout period (rollover) when the profit will be distributed among investors and the commission will be paid to the trader and the platform;

• Binance Futures is the exchange for trading transactions;

• Your PAMM account will appear in your Personal Account in the PAMMs tab. The account itself is opened and controlled by the Equite platform. You will get the API keys to perform trading operations.

• The PAMM account will be generated within 24 hours.

• Then you can start the development of your account. It will be available in the overall rating when the profit on the account is positive: