In this article, we will analyze the main tabs of the User's Personal Account in Equite.


After registration, you will be redirected to the home page of the site:


Please notice the three icons in the right corner of the page:

1) The icon with the shape of a person allows you to redirect to the Personal Account;

2) The arrow-shaped icon allows you to log out of the current account;

3) The icon with the letters EN or RU allows you to change the language of the website. At the moment, only Russian and English are available.


For an Investor:

When you go to your personal account, you will be taken to the main page. With its help you can get acquainted with Equite investment products:

PAMMs - shows information about the investor's deposit in PAMM accounts, including the share and the income.

Invest pages - here you can create a follower page. It allows you to connect to copying transactions.

Managers - you can filter traders by 3 indicators (pamms, copy trading, trust management).

Newsfeed - news from the Equite team, as well as trader publications.

Wallet - displays your current balance on Equite. Allows you to replenish your wallet or withdraw funds. It also displays the history of all transactions.

•Refer-a-friend - create your own unique code, send it to your friends and get bonuses!

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For a trader

If you are a trader, then your menu will be different from the investor's menu:

Portfolio - allows you to add a page to your portfolio, create a pamm account and activate copy trading.

Favorites - displays pages that the user has marked with an asterisk as their favorites for quick access.

API keys - allows the user to store keys from his accounts on the platform

Tournaments - displays information about the tournament in which the user takes part

Trader - settings for your trader's page, name change, and adding contacts for communication. You can also make a blog post here.

PRO - advanced settings for users who have purchased a PRO subscription.