Here we will consider the deposit and withdrawal of funds from the Equite platform.

Replenishment of the wallet:

1) Funds are credited on the "Wallet" tab. To start with, go to it.

2) Then enter the desired amount in the Deposit window and select the method of deposit. We recommend TRC20, this option is more convenient and faster.

3) Then you will see a window like this:

You need to transfer the specified amount to the specified address and wait for the funds to be credited to the Equite wallet.

Note: if you specify a $100 deposit, but the system sees $99 (there may have been a $1 commission), the system waits for the specified transfer ($100) for one hour. Then it closes the order and sends $99 to the platform.

Withdrawal of funds from the wallet:

1) If you have made a profit and want to withdraw some funds, then first go to the wallet tab.

2) On the wallet tab click Withdraw

3) After that a window will open in which you need to enter the desired amount of withdrawal and your ERC20/TRC20 wallet address:

Note: pay attention to the indicated commission. Funds are withdrawn within a day. No need to worry if they don't come off after an hour.

4) If you want to withdraw funds from a PAMM account, you can do it only in a rollover. This period depends on the account, you can see it when you connect. Usually, it is 7 or 30 days.