Options for mutually beneficial work of professional participants in the cryptocurrency market with the Equite platform


1. Creation and management of PAMM accounts

Our new service "PAMM Accounts" allows to increase the amount of funds under management due to small retail investors.

The PAMM accounts service is a great way for a trader to attract investments and increase his profit with PAMM-commissions.

The funds of the investors are accumulated on the PAMM account, which is managed by a trader. 

- To create a PAMM account, a trader needs to deposit at least 1000 USDT. This is not a commission! Funds are needed to maintain the initial account balance.

- Exchange: Binance Futures.

- The account is created by the Equite platform. You will get the API-keys from it in your Personal Account.

Please click the link PAMM accounts to learn more - https://www.equite.io/en/pamm

2. Trust management via API-keys

Collaboration with the Equite platform in the framework of trust management

You can start working with Equite as a verified trader. We will recommend you as an portfolio manager to our potential investors .

You need to do the following:

1) leave your contact details (email, telegram / WhatsApp)

2) fill in the Declaration after adding the invoice (Edit / Declaration)

You can also contact the investment manager via chat button and discuss the details of the terms of cooperation.